Travel Insurance Checklist

Not all travel insurance is the same. Getting the most out of your insurance is really about having the right policy to begin with. Before deciding on a policy, consider the following:

Decide what cover you need.

  • Are all my destinations covered? If you’re only going to one place it is easier, but if you’re traveling to multiple destinations, make sure they are all covered, including any stop-overs.

  • Do I have the right level of medical cover? Is there a pre-existing medical condition that I need to declare? Is there an age limit?

  • How much of my baggage and personal belongings are covered? Consider how much cover you will need to protect your belongings. Don’t assume your valuables will be covered. Are you covered for lost or stolen money?

  • If I am injured participating in certain sports or activities, will I be covered? Check for specific activities you know you will be doing.

  • What am I covered for if I have to cancel my trip? Sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

  • If I book a side trip or tour while I’m away, am I still covered?

Choose a provider and policy.

  • Does your provider have a 24 hour emergency assistance number to call? Is the emergency assistance team in-house and based in Australia?

  • Does your policy have a Travel GP service that can connect you with an Australian-based GP?

  • If you have credit card insurance, what are the requirements for cover? Do you have to pay for all or only a certain portion of your trip on your card? Does it cover other travelers or only the primary card holder?

  • What are the excesses I will have to pay? Is there a different excess amount for different inclusions? A higher policy premium may give you lower excesses, and vice-versa.

Consider typical exclusions.

  • All policies have exclusions – what are mine?

  • Are any pre-existing medical conditions not covered? Am I traveling against medical advice?

  • Do any age restrictions apply?

  • Am I traveling against any government warnings? You may not be covered for some destinations.

  • Some high risk activities may not be covered. (Think shark diving, bungee jumping) What will I be doing?

  • Drinking and driving, disobeying road or other rules, reckless behaviour may not be covered.

  • Passports or visas not arriving on time for your trip, or changing your mind about your trip, may not be covered.

Know what to do if you do need to make a claim.

  • Have you been provided with an emergency assistance number? Make sure you have easy access to it. Save consulate phone numbers as well.

  • Save copies of documents to a cloud account and/or leave a copy with someone at home.

  • What sort of documents or ID will I need in order to make a claim?

  • Will there be a wait time for my claim to be processed?

  • Do I need to claim immediately or should I wait until I get home?

  • If I need medical treatment, do I need to speak to my insurer first?

  • If you have any other questions, refer to your PDS or call your insurer directly.

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