Not all Travel Insurance is the same

When you are considering the type of travel insurance you are going to purchase, don't just go with the cheapest option. There are a couple of important things that you need to be mindful of which could be the difference between good coverage and insurance that leaves you wishing you went with another option.

When considering travel insurance, ask yourself:

  1. Does your policy have a 24 hour emergency assistance number to call?

  2. Is the emergency assistance team in-house and based in Australia?

  3. Does your policy have a Travel GP service? Travel GP connects you with an Australian based GP, if it is recommended as the best way to help you.

  4. If you have credit card insurance, do you know what the activation requirement is? How much of the trip must you pay for on the card to be covered by the policy? Find out if you book a side tour while you’re away will you be covered?

  5. Do you know what excess is applied?

  6. Does the policy cover you for lost/stolen money?

  7. Will an excess apply? If so how much is it and when is it payable?

  8. If you have credit card insurance, are your travelling companions or family members covered, or only the primary cardholder?

  9. Is there an age limit on the policy for yourself and non travelling relatives?

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