Traveling with a group of companions, either ones you have known prior to travelling or new companions you have met whilst on tour, is an extraordinary way to explore the world. Group travel has a host of benefits including discounts, travelling with like minded people, the opportunity to make new connections and not mention that benefit of having someone to take a photo of you in front of that landmark! 

Travel Sphere are experts in Group travel and specialise in school and community groups, 50+ self funded retirees, and large travel groups. 


School and community groups have their own set of nuances that require a particular level of skill and knowledge to execute. From an understanding of how to cater to a variety of specialty needs including dietary and mobility requirements, to understanding the legal responsibility of the organisers, special attention needs to be made when organising group tours for school and community groups. Travel Sphere have had many years experience in this field and can provide recommendations on things like destinations, itineraries and room configurations; making the organisers job that much easier.

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Having the opportunity to travel in your golden years is a magical one. It is the time to reward yourself for the hard work you have put in paying off the mortgage, raising a family and working tirelessly at your job. It is for all those reasons that it is so important that your travel plans are in the hands of professionals who understand the value of your travel experience. Regardless if you are a seasoned traveller or if you are embarking on your first holiday experience, Travel Sphere are able to provide you advice that you can rely on. Our expertise range from destinations that suit your particular health condition, to where to go to tick the items on your bucket list as well as advice on travel tips and tricks.


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Traveling with a large group of friends can be a challenge. You need to cater to everyone's schedules, their particular interests, temperaments and budgets. Sometimes it can get very complicated. Travel Sphere have been organising holidays for large travel groups for many years. From a group of couples to a group of friends ready to take on the world, Travel Sphere can help you make the most of your holiday adventure. From recommending idyllic group stay accommodations to the cultivation of unique travel experience, the team at Travel Sohere are here to help.

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